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About Us


Welcome to Home Of, this is the internet arm of Candleglass.

Candleglass established as a retail business in May 1999 and has grown from a single unit at a craft centre in Lichfield to a high street presence with another outlet in our home town of Shrewsbury.

The inspiration behind Candleglass is Michelle Luter, who is a self taught artist and interior designer.

All items on this website are designed and produced by Michelle.

The contemporary paintings are recognisable by their vibrancy, bold and striking compositions.

Our vision is for our customers to own a piece of unique, yet affordable contemporary artwork.

We have built a reputation for providing high quality bespoke innovative designs.

We realise that the unique picture you are looking for to tie all your decor together can be achieved in a simple solution.

Browse our site, look for inspiration, find a style that suits you, choose a size, let us know your requirements and let us do the rest.